Convergent Design Gemini throws up a ProRes Issue. Watch out for Clipping with S-Log.

OK, I wrote about this without digging deep enough. If you read the original article I claimed that ProRes was clipping my files at 104%. Well it’s NOT. The ProRes files are just fine, BUT some Quick Time applications are clipping the files at playback. In FCP the files are OK. Premiere appears to be reducing the level of the files a little and Quick Time player is clipping the files at approx 104. So this isn’t as big an issue as I thought, but you do need to keep an eye out as to what is happening with highlights and super whites depending on what software you are using. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen this before. In part it because I am no longer using FCP.

4 thoughts on “Convergent Design Gemini throws up a ProRes Issue. Watch out for Clipping with S-Log.”

    1. Don’t know yet, need to test it out an take a look. Currently though there is no 444 DNxHD, we have to wait for MC6 next month for that.

  1. Thanks Alister for confirming this. I’m having this problem for years. I’ve always got my highlights cilppied while transcoding my footage (EX3 @ STD profiles) from AE CS4/CS5 to ProRes HQ to grade in Apple Color. So now I transcode to DPX or use CINE2 profile (to shoot under 100%, the trick I knew from you!) in EX3 as a workaround. So far so good!

    Greetings from Nepal!

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