Canon DSLR’s fight back.

Well there is still a lot of mystery surrounding Canon’s big Hollywood announcement, but in the mean time this landed in my in-box. The Canon EOS-1DX. Skipping through all the blurb about pixels and dual Digic 5 processors I wanted to see what was new on the video front. It looks very impressive on paper. There is no more line skipping, so the images should be greatly improved with much less moire and aliasing and the clip length limitation is gone too. Also very interesting is that you can choose between a Long GoP codec or an I-Frame only version, although no idea of what the bit rates are. It also now has timecode and audio level meters, so Canon have followed what the Magic Lantern guys have already been adding via 3rd party software. Clearly Canon are not going to be steam rollered by all the new s35mm camcorders that are coming out and even I could be tempted over to the dark side by something like this. All in all it looks to be very interesting indeed. It begs the question as to what will the 5D Mk3 do and what’s going to be announced on November 3rd, then there is RED too. It’s a great time to be a film maker on a budget.

Click on the image below to see it full size.

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