Almost forgot……. FS100 Firmware Update.

One important bit of news from IBC. There will be a FREE firmware update for the FS100 to allow 30P etc on a 25P model and vice versa. So after the update, as far as I know, it will do 24P (23.98) 25P, 30P, 50i, 60i, 50P, 60P. Impressive! Now what I don’t know is whether the end user will be able to apply the update, or whether you’ll have to get it done by a dealer or Sony, in which case there may be a charge. I was not given a timeframe, but I would imagine it will be before the end f the year.

2 thoughts on “Almost forgot……. FS100 Firmware Update.”

  1. The Sony FS100 is an excellent camera besides the wrong placement of the LCD which makes it hard to use on high angle. The updates will benefit video rental company like us. ISO display is useful for film makers for sure. Look forward for this upgrade.

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