Travel Show shot with F3 wins outstanding Cinematography Emmy!

The Travel Channel show Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations – Haiti has won an Emmy for outstanding Cinematography. The award is shared by Zach Zamboni, Director of Photography and Todd Liebler,Director of Photography. According to my sources the show was shot using a Sony PMW-F3, so congratulations to them. If anyone finds a clip I’d love to see it. The F3 has to be one of my all time favourite cameras, I really enjoy shooting with it as it puts the creativity lost on small sensor cameras back into the hands of the operator.

One thought on “Travel Show shot with F3 wins outstanding Cinematography Emmy!”

  1. Wow, that’s amazing. I looked it up and found several clips online. Direct/overhead available light. Shiny/Oily faces, deep bags under the eyes, poor quality (almost off mic in spots), and shaky hand-held camera with random quick zooms for no apparent reason.

    If that wins any “Cinematography” award, the award isn’t worth much.

    Welcome to the future

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