IBC starts Friday…. what a big show it’s become!

Hi all. I’m still here, just been busy off in Arizona shooting storms in 3D and then a quick family holiday before my wife and daughter forget who I am!!

Anyway is business as usual again and I promise some really interesting video tutorials are in the pipelines on 3D, S-Log, Gamma Curves and the Colour Matrix, so do keep checking back.

Anyway, jut 4 days to go until IBC and what a big event it has become since it first started in 1967. I will be helping out on the Sony Booth on the “ICE Bar”. It’s going to be a bit like an Apple Store Genius Bar, only manned by video professionals and Sony ICE’s (Independent Certified Experts). So please drop by and ask all those nagging questions or come for a chat about picture profiles or anything else you want to know more about. I’ve been told there will be lots of F3’s on the booth wearing all kinds of 3rd party fashion accessories plus of course the FS100 and F65, so plenty of gear porn.

Talking of IBC, Quantel and ¬†have been busy preparing all kinds of stats about the show and they do make interesting reading, last year over 48,000 people attended the show compared to the 1,300 of the first year. You’ll find a page of info here:¬†http://blog.quantel.eu/2011/09/infographics-ibc/

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