Canon XF105, using OIS to correct zoom axis shift. (3D applications)

While I was in Singapore last week I got to play with a pair of Canon’s XF105’s on a Genus Hurricane 3D rig. We were able to use the programmable axis shift function to compensate for the way the zoom lenses don’t remain centred as you change focal length. Zooming in 3D with two cameras is very hard to do because of this shift, normally requiring very expensive matched lenses. With the 105’s and and a few minutes of adjusting we were able to do synchronised zooms (using the IR remote) that retained very good tracking and accuracy. This really is quite remarkable at this price point!

2 thoughts on “Canon XF105, using OIS to correct zoom axis shift. (3D applications)”

  1. hi alister,

    wow, who & where you saw this xf105 3d application in singapore?

    must be some kind of test going on..

    1. I was running workshops at AV8 and Singapore Poly. AV8 are a dealer and distributor for the Genus Hurricane 3D rig.

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