Sony Cinemon XDCAM Workflow Accelerator

I first saw this at NAB earlier in the year, but it wasn’t available then, it is now. Basically it allows you to import and work with native MXF, MP4, IMX and even Proxy files files in FCP. When you install the Cinemon plugin you no longer have to re-warp your MXF’s to .MOV’s so import is greatly simplified and it makes sharing projects across platforms much simpler. In the US it will be known as Cinemon and in the rest of the world XDCAM Workflow Accelerator. Sadly it’s not free, but if you do a lot of work with XDCAM material and FCP it’s probably worth having. USA link

2 thoughts on “Sony Cinemon XDCAM Workflow Accelerator”

  1. Is there a way to set up the camera so it can create .mov files when shooting SD footage? Or will it only create .avi files? I’m working with a shooter that has this camera and right now have to convert everything after the fact. Would love to have everything ready to edit after she’s shot the footage.
    Thanks for your thoughts…

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