PMW-350 Scene Files for Download

PMW-350 Scene Files for Download


Click on the link above to download a set of my latest scene files. Un-zip and copy to the root of an SxS card, the in the file menu load the files.

These are mainly matrix tweeks. neut2 is one I like that gives rich primary colours while still reasonably true to life. Cine1 is a sudo filmic look Film1 is meant to emulate well saturated film stock DSC-1 is based on Chroma-Du-Monde chart for accurate daylight color Neut is my first matrix tweak for a less green look and warmer skin tones.

3 thoughts on “PMW-350 Scene Files for Download”

  1. I would really like to try these scene files but i believe it would require me to buy an SXS card reader. Is there any other way to get this file into an SXS card? I guess the other option is directly load it in if you can post the paint settings.

  2. If I shoot with two PMW-350’s, which are matched to each other, can I use one of the scene files without rematching them again? Or do I need to match them again with the choosen scene file? Thanks for your reaction.

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