PMW-350 or PDW-700, sample clips.

OK, not very scientific I know, but for those that want to see how close the pictures from theses two cameras are I have shot a quick clip with each and put them in a 54mb zip file for download. The PMW-350 clip is a 35Mb/s MP4 and the PDW-700 clip is a 50Mb/s XDCAM MXF.

The cameras were both set up with similar paint settings using Hypergamma 4. The detail is backed off a bit from the factory settings on both and I used the same lens on both cameras which was the Fujinon 16×8 lens that comes with the PMW-350. The clips have not been adjusted in any way other than trimed in length, this is how they look out of the camera.

Both are remarkably similar. I can see that the 350 is more highly saturated and that you can just about make out the difference between 4:2:0 and 4:2:2. The interesting area is how the 350 handles the overexposed sky behind the trees, or rather the way the trees don’t appear to blur into the overexposure as with the PDW-700.

2 thoughts on “PMW-350 or PDW-700, sample clips.”

  1. Hi there, just wondering if you have any idea that a nanoflash could be used with the PDW 700? As in, to record directly to the nanoflash and bypass recording onto the xdcam disk.

    1. Yes you can record just to the NanoFlash. You would need to use the record buttons on the NanoFlash or get a remote record cable for it to trigger it in and out of record. Personally I would stick a disc in the 700 and then use the normal timecode-run trigger. Then when the disc is full just erase it and carry on. The discs are cheap enough to have a few so you can shoot to both, then erase the discs once you’ve imported all your material into the edit suite ready for the next shoot.

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