Alphatron EVF035 Electronic Viewfinder Review Coming!

Alphatron EVF-035W on PMW-F3

DHL delivered a nice box on Friday,just in time for the long Jubilee weekend. In that box was one of the long awaited Alphatron EVF-035W¬†viewfinders. I had a play with a pre production unit at NAB and I was really very impressed. The EVF uses the same screen as the iPhone 4s and as a result it is higher resolution than the current Zacuto and Cineroid EVF’s. It has a full range of markers, focus aids and exposure aids. It’s is also very nicely built. I’m preparing a full review which should go online later in the week. In the mean time here are a few pictures of it on my F3 configured for ENG with a Canon 2/3″ B4 zoom lens via the MTF B4 adapter.

Alphatron EVF-035W EVF with flip up monocular.

I’m using a GenusTech F3 top cheese plate with a home made viewfinder bracket to mount the EVF. With this mount I can slide the EVF forwards and back as well as side to side, yet unlike a noga arm it won’t sag or droop and the viewfinders horizon matches the cameras, so no wonky shots.

F3 ready for shoulder mounted ENG.

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