This is why you want an external recorder!

As you may know I’m preparing a review of the Atamos Samurai as well as the Convergent Design Gemini. Both excellent devices, but suited to different applications. If your wondering why you need an external recorder, below are a couple of crops from some footage that I shot today on the F3. High compression codecs can struggle when there is a lot of motion in the frame. What you see in the pictures below is some leaves on a tree blowing in the wind, one frame from the F3’s internal recordings and the other from the ProRes HQ from the Samurai. The clips were graded, as it was shot using S-Log, but this is a quite realistic scenario and with TV’s getting bigger and bigger, this kind of thing is getting much more noticeable.

F3 35Mbps Internal Recording

Samurai ProRes HQ

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