Me shooting a tornado with the PMW-F5 and AXS-R5 on my Miller Solo tripod.

Me shooting a tornado with the PMW-F5 and AXS-R5 on my Miller Solo tripod.

Welcome to my website. If you are looking for my blog on cameras, news, tutorials and production techniques etc. please follow this link which will take you over to XDCAM-USER.com.

I am a freelance TV cameraman,Director of Photography (DoP) and Digital Imaging Technician (DIT). I am also a well known instructor and teacher of video camera technology, shooting techniques and production methods. I have worked in broadcast television since the late 1980’s and today run a very large library of stock footage of natural extremes. My footage has been used in Hollywood blockbusters, numerous TV series, museum exhibits and all sorts of other video productions.

For more info on me, please take a look at my bio and info page.

If you are looking for a highly experienced DoP for you next shoot or need a DIT to help get the very best from your cameras or workflow on a larger production do use the contact form to get in touch. If you need some training or wish to consult me on any aspect of production technology, again please get in touch.

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  1. Kees Hulsmann says:

    Dear Mr Chapman,

    For some years now , I have been reading your articles about mainly the Sony PMW F3 camcorder, which I bought about five years ago.
    First of all I am very pleased to let you know that I have learned a lot from your inspiring videos.
    I am very impressed by the quality of the camera and am still learning how to get the best out of it.
    Recently I ,once again ,watched your short video about using a broadcast lens on the F3.
    I have been trying this a couple of times myself, but was never convinced that this would do the job. I did prefer my Canon L lenses, which perform excellently.
    I had already solved the problem of the automatic exposure by adding an Optitek adapter for Canon to FZ mount. There is no glass in this adapter; just electronics for the exposure settings .
    The adapter allows me to use the lenses with manuel exposure.
    But ,using the B4 lens is great fun and I am starting to enjoy it more.
    For the connection from B4 , 2/3 lens I use a plain open adapter.
    In order to solve the inevitable vignetting problem I have added a Kenko 1.4 converter, which actually works pretty well; also as far as sharpness and image is concerned.
    I noticed that the adapter you developed in conjunction with MTF has a built in converter of 1.5.
    I wanted to ask you if , apart from your adapter, you could give me any better option then the Kenko converter, since I already own adapters for the B4 lens and FZ mount.
    I would be most grateful if you could give me some advise on this matter.

    Thank you in advance.

    With best regards

    Kees Hulsmann
    The Netherlands

    • alisterchapman says:

      The Kenko converter is probably your best option unless you want to spend $1000’s on adapters such as the Abekas.

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