This is my Astro Imaging page. One of my interests is astro imaging, using telescopes to take images of distant galaxies, planets and other deep space features. I also enjoy photographing and videoing the Northern Lights. This is just a hobby, one I find challenging as I am normally working from the middle of a town shooting through lots of light pollution. See the caption below each image for more information.

M51 Whirlpool Galaxy. 20x 3 minute exposures, 6" Altair Astro Ritchey Cretian scope, Canon 550DJupiter. 150mm


Jupiter. 150mm Skywtcher Newtonian telescope, 3x Barlow lens, Canon 550D in video crop mode.

Galaxies M81 and M82. Telescope 80mm Skywatcher ED, Canon 550D, 30x 2mins


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