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DMR Radios

Coming soon, a post on the Ailunce HD and Anytone 878.

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I won’t be updating this blog page any further. For all my camera information, tips, tricks and news please follow this link to XDCAM-USER.COM where you will find the latest version of my blog. This is my personal web site … Continue reading

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So, if I can hack an F5 for 4K, can I also get the F55’s color gamut?

So, we have seen that it is possible to trick an F5 into thinking its an F55 by altering an all file from the F5 and adding some F55 4K settings. This enables 4K internal recording and 4K output over … Continue reading

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Hi Guys and Gals. So, IBC is just a few days away. I’m packing my bags, ready to go and I’m really rather excited. I’m under NDA so can’t reveal anything and maybe even writing this post will get me … Continue reading

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From Script to Screen. SEVA Fest 2014 film makers festival, South East Virginia.

I’m really please to be involved with the Mid-Atlantic Conference for film professionals which will be held in SouthEast VirginiA. . I’ll be running workshops along side Bruce Logan, the man that shot the blowing up the Death Star in … Continue reading

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The RIGHT way to get good timecode sync with multiple cameras.

So, you have a multi camera shoot and you want to have the timecode in perfect sync between all of the cameras. For a start lets assume we are talking about pro cameras that actually have timecode in and out, … Continue reading

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Hack to get internal 4K on the Sony PMW-F5 CAUTION THERE MAY BE ISSUES!!!!

STOP PRESS: It’s been found that this modification is also changing the exposure and dynamic range! See bottom of post. Well, Paul Ream over at has worked out how to make the F5 record 4K internally. It’s actually pretty straight forward. … Continue reading

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Samyang launches 50mm Cine Lens

At long last Samyang have filled the gap in their vDSLR lens line up! It was crazy not to have a 50mm lens. Finally they are launching a 50mm T1.5 lens with pitch gears etc. This lens will be available … Continue reading

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Sony Launches New PXW-X500 XDCAM Shoulder Mount CCD camcorder with XAVC

Today Sony launched a couple of the new cameras. The MC2500E a very low cost, fairly basic shoulder mount AVCHD camcorder with a single 1/4″ CMOS sensor and a new full size, shoulder mount XDCAM camcorder the PXW-X500. This is … Continue reading

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Scheider Xenon FF Prime Lenses.

When you think of cine lenses then there are several brands that immediately come to mind. Zeiss, Arri, Cooke and Angenieux are probably the most familiar names but there are many others too. One brand I have been looking at … Continue reading

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