Sample 4K and 2K raw video clips from the FS700 and Convergent Design Odyssey.

O7Q_SonyRaw_hdI spent quite a bit of time last week shooting in 4K with a FS700 using Sony’s IFR5 adapter and R5 recorder. I have to say that the pictures are really amazing. The dynamic range is incredible and the resolution and clarity beautiful. I’ll be posting a clip in the next few days and you’ll be able to see the footage at IBC.

FS700 with IFR5 and R5

FS700 with IFR5 and R5

But, the ergonomics are terrible. Attach the IFR5 and R5 to the back of an FS700 with an extended rail system and you have one heck of a long and heavy camcorder. For studio or drama shoots this may well be fine, in fact you may end up using the recorder as a completely separate device in the video village. But for documentary or run and gun the camera becomes a real monster.

The alternative to the IFR5/R5 is the Convergent Design Odyssey. The Odyssey can’t do 4K raw but it can do very high quality 4K compressed as well as 2K raw and high speed. For many 4K compressed will be far more manageable than 4K raw. It’s only the size of a small monitor (in fact it IS a monitor, a very nice OLED monitor) so far, far easier to use with the FS700. Convergent Design have just posted some sample clips on their website, so if you want an idea of just how good this combo will be follow the link below.

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