Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q gets much cheaper to own!!!

Convergent Design Odyssey7 Front.

Convergent Design Odyssey7 Front.

Every time I get to play with a Convergent Design Odyssey I am impressed. It a really nice piece of kit, first off it’s a fantastic OLED monitor with excellent tools such as waveforms and some very sophisticated focus aids. But in addition it’s recording capabilities are second to none. For Sony’s FS700 the Odyssey 7Q is in my opinion a far more elegant and practical solution for 4K and 2K recording than Sony’s IFR5/R5 raw option. In addition I’m excited about being able to record 2K raw at 240fps using the 7Q.

The 7Q has always been competitively priced, but it’s still not what you would regard as a cheap device, at least not compared to the many cheap compressed HD recorders out their now. But don’t forget this is a 4K capable recorder and the monitor is as good as it gets.  You are getting some cutting edge technology and that’s never cheap.  Convergent Design have been listening to FS700 owners and in an attempt to make the 7Q not only the best, but also the cheapest way to get a 4K recorder they have re-assed their pricing. Previously, you had to have multiple options if you had several different Sony cameras and wanted the Odyssey to work with them all, the separate options for the Sony F3 + FS700 were each $1,495 USD.

Now though there is just one single option for Sony cameras that will support both the F3 and FS700, and it will be only $795 (US)

In addition Convergent Design will be reducing the SSD prices while increasing their capacity.

The 240 GB SSD, was $595, will be priced at $395 and will be 256 GB.

The 480 GB SSD, was $1,195, will be priced at $895, and will be 512 GB.

So this means that the Odyssey7Q ($2,295) + Sony Option ($795) + two 256 GB SSD’s ($395 each) + Thunderbolt Reader ($99) will total $3,979 which is an absolute bargain compared to the cost of a Sony IFR5/R5, 1x AXS card and the Sony CR1 reader which comes to around $9k. It’s also a much tidier device to rig.

I also think that for many FS700 users, compressed 4K will be easier to work with than 4K raw.

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