Come on guys (& gals) it was only one email!

Wow! I recently sent out the first ever site wide email to registered users of the forum. It’s an ad for some workshops I’m running. I put a lot of free time and effort into the blog and website. I know the vast majority of you appreciate the site and I get great feedback from most. But the response I’ve had from some people because I sent them one email is frankly astounding. One of the conditions of membership of the forum is agreement to receive very occasional emails. But some people think it’s out of order that I should send them an email. Come on people, the only reason anyone would sign up to the forum is to take advantage of the things on it, ask a question, download a picture profile etc. Yet some people think its unreasonable that in return for offering this free resource I should send out the occasional email. Well that’s fine by me. If you are not prepared to accept a few emails in return for access to a wealth of free help and advice them I’m more than happy to delete your account and bar you from the website.

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