The new Sony “F” to be announced on October 30th.

Lots of mystery surrounding this. At first glance it may sound like a new “F” camera, maybe an F3 update or replacement. It could also be a companion camera to the F65 perhaps. But then you also have to consider that Sony have promised to reveal details of the 4k recorder and firmware for the FS700 some time soon, so maybe it’s the FS4K (made up name) recorder? Who knows? Well, I know some things that I can’t discuss, if it is one of the things I know about then it is extremely exciting as it will surprise you. Sony have some very impressive things in development that they believe are so significant that they have been extremely secretive about them. Even within Sony only a select handful know all the details. I don’t know the full story, but what I have heard is very exciting indeed and earlier than expected. Roll on the 30th of October when all will be revealed!

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