Lightweight Tripod Help Please.

Hello all.

I really need to get an ultra light tripod for my travels. I love my Vinten 5AS and 100AS with CF legs, these are great, but they are around 6kg/8kg and possibly more of a bind is the length of the legs when collapsed. I really need something a bit easier to travel with, especially for my arctic expeditions and overseas workshops. On my recent Asia trip I was typically around 5kg over my baggage allowance on many flights, partly because of the weight of the tripod but also because of the size of the case required to transport it. In addition a big broadcast tripod does tend to catch the attention of customs officials. So I need something that will work with a bare bones FS700 or F3 (3-4kg payload). I realise that cutting back to the minimum on the tripod will effect my ability to achieve stable shots and smooth pans, but most of the shots I do are wide angle.

I’ve looked at a few options. Maybe a Manfrotto 504 head with the single tube CF legs, or one of the Miller Solo systems. I don’t have a big budget for this so perhaps I’ll just get a set of single tube 75mm bowl legs to use with my Vinten 5AS head. So what do you guys use, what are your recommendations? Please leave a comment with your suggestions.

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